Real Health London

We are an independent Physiotherapy, Osteopathy and Soft Tissue Therapy company with clinics based in Crouch End and Alexandra Palace

We believe in treating people, not patients, and are relentlessly committed to going above and beyond to help you thrive.

Our approach to Physiotherapy, Osteopathy & Soft Tissue Therapy is to provide a holistic diagnosis, to see beyond the injury, and to understand the factors that are contributing to how your body is feeling.

We tailor our approach to suit you and design a treatment plan that is unique to your needs and gets you to where you want to be.

This method leads to real results.

What people say about us…

I saw Stephen about lower back pain and he provided a holistic approach to treatment including an 8-week physio programme, advice on exercise and nutrition and gave me many tools to manage the pain and continue with day-to-day activities. Would highly recommend RHL to anyone looking for effective, thorough support and treatment.
Stephen was fantastic in helping me deal with my frozen shoulder: very in explaining the nature of the problem and various treatment options, with a ggod dose of common sense! He produced a wonderful exercise program perfectly tailored to my level of motivation! 😂 Many, many thanks.
Ruth D
The team at Real Health London were amazing. Recovering from a neck fracture the team hugely enabled my recovery. They had many tools such as specialist massage therapy to ensure I was getting all assistance required to aid in my recovery. Would recommend to anyone
Oliver Mahoney
Stephen was instrumental in my healing journey after a two month hospital stay & limited mobility, he helped me build my confidence and listen to my body and gain core strength. Over 10 weeks I even managed slowly get to the point where I could actually do deadlifts. Very knowledgeable friendly and personable, so pleased with my results. Incredible! I also saw Esther for deep tissue/sports massage which super helped to unlock my should and next issues and sore back
Laura Shields
Would highly recommend - visited Stephen following the diagnosis of a herniated disc in my lower back. Unlike previous physios, he focused me more on weights based exercises needed to strengthen that part of my back (rather than just massage and pain relief). The tailored programme he put together has helped me massively reduce the pain i'd been experiencing for 3/4 years - to the extent where it's not now a daily thing I struggle with.
Lyndon Ryan
I've been getting treatment at Real Health London for a knee injury and have had a great experience both with Stephen for physio and with Esther for soft tissue work. I highly recommend Stephen and Esther - great providers and great people.
Beth F.
I have been going to Stephen for a shoulder problem. It is now completely healed - what better recommendation! His exercises are simple and low-tech and his advice eminently sensible. Very easy to communicate with too. A great experience all round.
Stephanie Owen
Stephen was excellent during my rehab from a knee injury and is a great physio. His expertise and sensibly planned programmes helped me to recover quicker than I anticipated. He makes sessions educational and enjoyable, and really takes the time to explain why he is recommending certain exercises. Thanks Stephen!
Joel Brand
I’ve been attending Real Health London for about 5 months now (pre and post low back surgery) and I can’t express how thankful I am for Stephen and his team. Stephen is by far the most knowledgeable and approachable specialist I‘ve met. He has great connections to other specialists like my surgeon and the two of them have been transparent and had great communication between them and myself. Stephen has come up with a recovery programme for me to work through and build my confidence back up to hopefully be in back in the gym soon! I also had a sports massage with Esther and after just one session I could feel an immediate difference and such a hug release in my shoulders. You can tell she knows her stuff and is passionate, not to mention for the first time in about 12 months I am now able to sit through the day paint free!! Will definitely be back for more!
Maria-Margarethe Young
Stephen is ace, he's great at getting at the cause of your physical issue.
Bikramaditya Bose